Monday, 16 May 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

I'm back.
It's been three days since I last updated my blog.
Mr Blogger was not available for the past few days plus I was busy with exam papers which needed my immediate attention!

Today's Yahoo Horoscope made me think...and ponder upon ...and...

May 16, 2011...
Sometimes, when there's an emotional storm brewing in your life, it's better to accept it and just ride it out. Fighting nature is a losing proposition ... so why waste all of your precious energy shaking your hands at the sky? What really matters is staying true to what you believe. Face the fury of those who disagree -- in your heart, you know they're wrong. Chances are they know they're wrong, too. Give this tornado the respect it deserves, but don't let it shake your foundation.

How true...

I should unwind...while guarding my foundation!

Happy Teacher's Day...especially to all great teachers and educators throughout Malaysia!

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