Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Treasuring the great moments ...

Time is the most wonderful and greatest gift we can give to others aside from listening to them.

Many of us are so busy nowadays that we put aside the truly important things in life like spending quality time with our family and close friends. We all need this precious time together to cement our relationships and show our love for each other. Let’s not wait until it's too late... and then complain... there was never enough time.
When was the last time you had a quality time with your child? 

When was the last time you hugged your spouse and told them you love them and made them feel the most special person in the world?
When was the last time you talked to your parents or called them on the phone?

Do you still remember an old friend?

And, most importantly ... Do you have time for yourself?
What matters most to you?

Life is all about making priorities, what are your priorities?

Have a GREAT day and may EVERY DAY be special!


Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

yes ,u are right dear. we need to prioritize our mattter what,family comes first!have a good days ahead!

Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

sorry,have a good day ahead.......

Sophyta said...

mas dear, family and friends matter most to is meaningless without them...have a great day every day, my dear!

talha said...

hi chinda...i really love to read ur blog..wish 1 day i have a blog of my own. continue mesmerizing people with ur words..

Sophyta said...

tq talha. i'm glad that u like it.
am very sure that you'll build your own one day.