Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Love is Sacrifice (1) ...

We met.
We fell in love.
It's love at first sight ... for both of us.
He's  well-prepared and  yearned to settle down.
He had everything ...
He'd bought a house, he had a career, and he owned a car, too.
For a young man of his age, he's considered a very eligible candidate.

Alas, I was not.
Though I fell head over heels in love with him, I'd other thing in mind.
I wished to pursue my dream.
As I'd been overlooked by the lady luck (when I was in school),
I was denied a place in the varsity.

To keep both parties happy (my parents and his), we're engaged.
A gold engagement ring, signifying my commitment to him, stayed on my veina amoris,
the left index finger throughout the periods, before being joined by a wedding ring two and a half years later.

Interestingly, every good thing seemed
to fall into place when Mr Right appeared in my life.
I got a job in the city.
He was ecstatic as his fiancée could be closer to him.
Not long after that, I was offered a place in a college.
Unwaveringly, I grabbed the opportunity.

I asked him to postpone our nuptial plans.
He was reluctant, but after much persuasion...he complied.
He knew me all too well.

Thus, he made frequent journeys to Penang Island for the whole four-year course.
Many a time, he started his journey at the stroke of midnight, i.e. immediately after he finished working, and reached Penang at the crack of dawn.
He visited me religiously every other weekend.

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