Friday, 27 May 2011

At last...

Life was tough.
We worked under fire.
We're scrutinised and watched over closely.
It's been bothering me and my colleagues for the past three years...
Some were reduced to tears due to trivial matters.
We couldn't do anything to change the situation, so we just gritted our teeth and put up with it.

And today, this morning, to be precise...
God lifted the HUGE BURDEN off our shoulders.
All of us could put a smile back on our face once again.
Many have forgotten how to do so...

Though much hatred had been sown by the iron-fisted dictator,
I'm very sure most of us have chosen to sow love instead.

"In this world,
 Hate never yet dispelled hate,
 Only love dispels hate.
 This is the law,
 Ancient and inexhaustible."

And ...

"There's no fire like passion,
  No crime like hatred,
  No sorrow like separation,
  No sickness like hunger,
  And no joy like the joy of freedom."

Sadhu (X3)

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