Saturday, 28 May 2011

Love is Sacrifice (2) ...

It's already four years since I graduated.
I obtained my first degree in 2007.
I enrolled in the degree programme in 2003.

With that, my husband was signed up in the programme too.
He's my full time chauffeur, my chaperon, as well as my private tutor.
For  four years he chauffeured me to and fro, i.e. from our house to the study centre, which was about 100 km away.

I'd to attend tutorials every other Saturday.
As the tutorials took up the whole day, he would come back for me in the evening, meaning that he'd to make two trips to the centre.

Whenever I sat for my exams, he'd diligently waited for me at the exam centres.
More often than not, he'd to wait up to four hours or longer.
Though filled with boredom and weariness, he'd never complained or uttered unpleasant words to me.

The thought of his innumerable sacrifices spurred me on.
I graduated with a first-class honours degree in teacher studies.
Truly, my degree is HIS!


Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

well done dear.......great words dedicated to yr beloved hubby. he deserves all the sweetly-uttered words from a sweet wife like u.very happy for u.

Sophyta said...

TQ Mas dear. I'm reversing the famous saying...behind every successful woman, there's a man!And, I'm sure it holds true for you, too.

Kaz said...

That is so sweet Chinda. You are very lucky to get a responsible man like him to be your husband and he is also lucky to get a beautiful woman like you to be his wife.

Sophyta said...

TQ Kaz, I am ...indeed! I'm not sure about him, maybe he's not that lucky to have a spouse like me, a woman of too many dreams ...and always 'on the run'...