Sunday, 29 May 2011

Reaching a Milestone ...

Fear of driving or its Latin term, Hodophobia, had bothred me for more than a decade.

I procured my driving license a decade ago, i.e. when I was residing in KL. Nonetheless, I only started driving very long after that.

Circumstances forced me to delay driving.
Weeks after obtaining the driving paper, I found out that I was with child, expecting my daughter.
My hubby, being the overly protective one, prohibited me from driving. Thus, for the whole nine months, and thereafter I did not drive.

The urge to get behind the wheel made its come back in 2001.
At that time, we were back in our hometown.
With two young kids in tow, plus my hubby being stationed miles away, commuting to workplace had become a great burden. Over-relying on others for a lift was not a sound solution to this problem. But, the fear of driving had found its way into my 'soft spot'. It has snuggled comfortably in my innermost!

Though the fear of driving can be conquered, but it is a powerful phobia. As there is real risk in driving a car, it's very difficult for me to dismiss the phobia completely. According to experts, people who suffer from fear of driving feel intense anxiety about controlling a large machine on public roadways. I felt exactly the same!
I simply do not feel that I was up to the challenge of driving on highways, in crowded cities, and even in quiet, rural areas like my hometown. So, the dream of maneuvering a machine called a 'car' was shelved indefinitely.

Thanks to the local car company, I could drive at last. The recently launch of the petite car model, Viva, made my dream come true. Since then, my life was never the same again. I progressed steadily. From commuting to workplace, I was able to travel to neighbouring towns. Three years later, I enrolled in a masters programme and that compelled me to commute to the varsity, which was a 100 km away twice a week.

Yesterday, May 28th, 2011, a milestone in driving was reached!
I drove to the heart of Penang Island, which is touted to have the heaviest traffics in the Northern Region!

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