Tuesday, 24 March 2015

LBI2.0 Clinic for Kids ...

Day 83/365

As planned, we, Chew and I, opened our clinic early this morning. The kids were excited, as usual, since it was the first day of treatment. Most of them came well prepared. Their parents who were given 'doses of medication' on March 10, had done their part. They have guided their kids to read and write. They have verified their kids' work.

There was only a boy who were left behind by his parents and siblings. He wasn't cared by anyone back home. He scrawled instead of write. His attention span was extremely short. He couldn't sit still for more than five minutes. He's my five-to-ten boy. He's a real challenge to us, teachers. In spite of that, I vow to change him!

Hope the next clinic would be a better one. We are trying our very best to conform to NCLB policy proposed by our education people.

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