Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Dream Comes True ...

Good morning peeps!

I have tried hard not to visit this blog but to no avail. The cool wind that barges in through my window urges me to write about him (the wind) here. Yes! Blame it on the wind.

I used to yearn for cold weather. I used to dream of living in seasonal region. I used to ask for winter. And, I know very well that those dreams would  never have come true. They're just a little girl's dreams!

In order to experience a cooler weather, my family would travel to highlands in the country and the neighbouring country. Needless to say those places boast a cooler climate than the stifling plains throughout my country. A three to four-day vacation is incomparable to living in the cool season places.

Two years ago, my hubby was being directed to occupy the quarters at his workplace. Initially, we were quite reluctant to move in; thinking of our newly-renovated house and its close proximity to my workplace. However, we were willing to give it a try. We moved in during the cool season ( of the neighbouring country; Thailand) i.e. December.

Apart from the cool wind which occasionally blows from the north, the place enjoys cooler climate as it's situated on a higher elevation; to be exact it's 1,250 feet above the sea level.

What I like most about this place is the wind. The wind always blows, especially in the morning, and it's usually very cold. Amid a hot day with temperature peaking at 35C, there're always cool wind blowing. The cool wind is a welcome relief. even to the green grass by the roadside.

Though it takes more than four decades to realize my dream, living here is a dream comes true!


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