Sunday, 3 August 2014

Of Desktop PC,Netbook and Tab ...

Good evening beautiful people.

I decided to post this entry when I once again use my long-forgotten Netbook. After sprucing and upgrading it months ago, I handed it to my girl. It was in her good hand for quite a while. As for tonight, I 'loan' it from her because I need it for tomorrow's motivation camp.

I can't rely on my Tab for the presentation job. My PC is definitely out of question.We have 41 units of Chromebooks and those too are of no help. I'm sure you're well aware that any piece of work done on Microsoft Windows is not supported in Chromebook.

In short, the 5-year-old Netbook's service is sought. It's still working smoothly. It loads at a satisfying speed. Its keyboard is very user-friendly. It used to be with me when I struggled for my second degree. Thank you dear old buddy. Hope you won't disappoint me at the SJKT tomorrow.


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