Monday, 16 June 2014

English Phrases - For You and Me (4) ...

Good day peeps.

This is the fourth entry for English Phrases - For You and Me ...

The entry on similar topic will be posted on a daily basis. I hope it'll help students and whoever needs language guidance.

Decided to post this after a chat with my son. I realise that there're students and individuals out there who are in need of these phrases and they might not have a strong connection to download the ebook.

Come to think of that, I hope Ms Shayna, the founder of Espresso English doesn't mind if I embedded some of the phrases here on Sophyta's Casita. 

For today let's see ... 10 Ways to Respond to “Thank You”

1. You’re welcome.
2. No problem.
3. No worries.
4. Don’t mention it.
5. My pleasure.
6. Anytime.
7. It was the least I could do.
8. Glad to help.
9. Sure!
10. Thank you. (use this when you ALSO have something to thank the other person for)

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