Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Meeting ...

Hi peeps.

This entry is about yesterday's event.

I attended a meeting. I've been attending similar meetings for the past ten years. The agendas of the meeting are at my fingertips. I could even predict what's going to be said by the chairperson. I could even guess how will the meeting be concluded.

Nevertheless, the yesterday's meeting was an exceptional one. I've never felt that good. I've never felt better. It was akin to a heavy load being lifted off my shoulders. I could look everyone into their eyes. I could speak from my heart. I could flash every attendee a genuine sweet smile.

Questions broached and questions answered in a professional manner. No voice raised. No insults hurled. The meeting ended with a decision to collaborate and to cooperate for the betterment of students and the district education. All in all, the intimidating figure wasn't around.

Thanks Ren & Stimpy!


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