Friday, 9 May 2014

Are you listening or are you listened to?

Good day beautiful people.

 Pauline Phillips' quote inspires me to write on this beautiful Friday.
"The less you talk, the more you're listened to."

Most of us love talking. Everyone loves talking. Teachers talk. Lecturers talk. Mothers talk. Fathers talk. Greengrocers talk. Housewives talk. Taxi drivers talk.

We talk everywhere. Teachers talk in the classroom. Lecturers talk in the lecture hall. Mothers talk in the kitchen. Greengrocers and butchers talk at the market. Housewives talk by the roadside. Taxi drivers talk in the cab. The jobless talk at the coffee shop and at the 'mamak' joints.

But, how many of us listen? Do you listen to others? Do you give others chances to talk? Do you give them the opportunity to pour out their heart? Do you offer them a chance to share their views?

In a nutshell, the majority don't listen. Even if they seem to listen, they are actually hearing, not listening. They hear sounds produced by your vocal cords. I gather that my 'partner' aren't listening when he/she starts his/her own version of story even before I finish my intros.

I pledge to talk less and hope that I'm listened to... more often.


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