Friday, 7 March 2014

My Rewards System ...

My Rewards System has evolved ever since our former mentor, Mr Douglas mooted the idea back in 2012.

From collecting sticker-like points, children are now equipped with a little note book whereby their points would be stamped directly into the book each time they performed a 'good deed'.

This Rewards System is seemed to have come a long way. Even the most challenged kids in the class have begun to show interest. I face less behavioural and attitude problems.

Thank you Mr Douglas for the invaluable thought!

Dear students,
Be good,
Collect stamps,
Get rewards!



David Arthur said...

Thank you Chinda, for taking this seed of an idea and turning it into a fruitful garden by your own design and effort. The credit goes to you: the one who has done the work; the one who is getting the results!

Sophyta Sengsuwan said...

I miss the programme much. Those sessions (with you and Charmaine) were really fruitful. How I wish it was extended and both of you are my mentors.