Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lessons in the Clouds

Using the ICT technology in the classroom was never my cup of tea until recently. 

The arrival of 41 units of personal computers called Chromebook 
changed my perceptions towards the ICT technology completely. 

The sleek mobile devices aren't alone. 

They are accompanied by Yes, the 4G mobile Internet network.

Yes really lives up to its reputation of being the fastest, 
widest and most reliable 4G mobile Internet network.

My first attempt with the Chromebook was a simple introduction to my blog.

The pupils were then whisked to this entry as the content 
of their lesson was embedded here.

The entry was a simple one, yet it captured the pupils' interest.

It definitely motivated me to plan more lessons in the clouds.

Despite the size and the condition of our Computer Room,  which is not enough to swing a cat,
the children were all attentive.

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