Thursday, 23 January 2014

Documenting One's Teaching ...

"Documentation is a process. 

It's not a product. 

If you produce a great documentation of your teaching process in a day, 
you do it to impress. 

However, if you document your teaching process through out the school year, 
you do it out of love for the job."

The above quote is truly Sophyta's.

But, well how many teachers documented their teaching periodically. Most of us are too busy since we're constantly bogged down with loads of paper work. These paper work are more often than not play a little role in our professional development, and they neither help in spurring our posse of students' interest to seek knowledge. Nonetheless, if the teacher did document her/his teaching, he/she is no doubt an exceptional one. I, for one have always tried my very best to keep track of my teaching but my documentation is very much far from perfect.

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