Monday, 3 June 2013

You aren't a shopaholic, are you?

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have come across 'Shopaholics' series quite a number of time, but it never occurred to me to grab the books, what's more reading it. I bought 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' at the Penang Big Bad Wolf Sale recently. As mentioned earlier here, the Wolf actually did destroy the high book price. It's only RM8.00.

To be honest, this book, is the first of its kind that I ever finished reading. My choice was and is the historical romance, and undeniably my favourite authors are Dame Barbara Cartland, Judith McNaught, and Danielle Steel. I've posted about McNaught's books here and here.

Come to think of it, (Rebecca Bloomwood's favourite verse) this book is interesting, funny, and also quite exciting. You can never know what will happen next. Rebecca Bloomwood, a financial journalist, knows so much about fashion and beauty, so she can never resist that. I believe she must have a great fashion sense. Through her eyes, I can even see the Denny and George scarf, and she succeeded in coaxing me to love scarves. This pretty girl, or at least, the girl full of imagination and energy, works for Successful Saving, and it's truly ironic.

Becky has every reason and lots of excuses (some are nonsensical) for the purchases she made, and she ends up spending so much money that she can never pay off. Trying to save money and rescue herself from the debt, she listens to an expert's suggestion: "cook by yourself instead of buying ready meals". However, she spends about 100 pounds on kitchen stuffs, and I believe, she only cooks once. And this kind of person has mustered all her courage to advise others on  how to manage their money!

The story ends abruptly when Becky's love and life is about to fall into place. I'll definitely read the second book in Shopaholic series, "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan".

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