Monday, 27 May 2013

My Daybook

Good day all! 

It has been weeks since I last updated my blog, and today I am starting something I have seen on other blogs. I enjoyed reading them, so I'm going to have one.

It's called 'My Daybook' and I will post My Daybook entry as frequent as I could. I love the idea. After all that's what blogging is really all about, right? A web-log of the events in our lives. . . our days. 

Daybook 1

for today  ::  May 27, 2013

outside my window. . .are the wooded green hills and lots of sunshine!

I am thinking. . . of starting my proposal write-up

from the kitchen. . . lunch. . . I've just whipped up my son's favourite ABC Chicken Soup

I am wearing. . . my tights and baggy T-shirt. . . they're my all-time favourite

I am creating. . . clutter- free home

I am remembering. . . my Mom, Dad, siblings's holidays now and for sure they want me to be home

I am going. . . to my daughter's hairdresser...she's in need of a haircut and hair straightening

I am reading. . . Confessions of a Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella

I am hoping. . . that I will not catch the 'lazy bug' this afternoon, like I did yesterday

I am hearing. . . the annoying buzzing sound of my old PC

around the house. . . my son is having lunch, my girl is reading, and my washing machine is spinning hard

one of my favorite things. . . getting to read my favourite book at home.

a few plans for the rest of the week. . . making muffins, baking bread, and taking old newspapers to TzuChi.

from my picture journal. . .

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