Saturday, 13 April 2013

Songkran Festival 2013

It's a new year again! Today, April 13 is the traditional new year celebration at my place. This year we delve into the celebration to our heart's content since Saturday is everyone's day off.

In the past years, we merely managed to catch the glimpse of the Miss Songkran procession. Most of the time, the temple ground was almost deserted and only a few kids were seen playing with water guns under the watchful eyes of their parents. Yet, our kids never complained. They were contented for being able to spray water to other kids. It's very little to be done as Songkran Festival isn't on our country' s public holidays lengthy list.

This morning we were bestowed with the golden opportunity to bathe the statue of Lord Buddha. We were very fortunate to perform the ritual on this auspicious occasion, at a holy place, together with other devout devotees. I'm always at peace whenever I fulfill my godly duties with these kampung folks; perhaps we are fated to perform our religious rites together.

I'm due to bathe my very own God and Goddess in two weeks time!

Till we meet again...

Happy Songkran Day everyone!
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