Friday, 18 May 2012

Happy Teacher's Day 2012...

My angelic principal and me

16 May 2012.
Yes, that's the date.
It's another Teacher's Day in Malaysia .

This year, it was celebrated wholeheartedly in our school.
I will let you know why it's done with unconditional and enthusiastic devotion...
as compared to previous years.

Every teacher was committed in preparing the little kids for performance.
We prepared a special menu for the occasion.
We had gift exchanges too.
The day's schedule was given utmost consideration and importance.

The reason why it's done with total sincerity and commitment ...
is our angelic principal. 
Our principal, Madam Aun is a godsend to our school.
She puts her subordinates' and students' needs above herself.
With her selfless deeds, she wins everyone's heart.

Many thanks to Madam Aun for bringing back the glory of this school.
Thank you Madam Aun for giving me the opportunity to do 
what I love most ...the real 'teaching', as...
I used to be a "marionette teacher"...

To all my teachers and lecturers...
Thank you for making what I am today!
Happy Teacher's Day...once again!

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