Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Good Teacher Does Not...

A small incident unfolded this morning and it prompted me to write this piece. It's all about attributes of a good teacher. 

Though OTHERS might discriminate, act like an ally in certain situations, have personal rapports and likings ... a good teacher begs to differ.

A teacher who possesses certain requisite qualities  DOES NOT ...

  •  yell at her students but keeps her temper in check and act calmly.
  • waste time but utilizes it wisely.
  • discriminate but always adopts a fair attitude when it comes to any form of evaluations.
  • take subject matters she teaches lightly but has necessary command over the subject matter.
  • kill her time in the classroom and wait for the bell to ring but takes out time and engage in after-school meetings and activities.
  • miss out any important particulars but pays meticulous attention to details.
To those teachers out there who treat their students like commodities or robots... please cease doing so. Students are living, breathing, human beings...they deserve to be treated with dignity and kindness.

To have a good and caring teacher is every child's dream...

Image credit: Michelle Ong

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Kaz said...

I pray and try my best to be a good teacher to my students but as people say, nobody is perfect and being a normal human being, I'm sure that I do make some mistakes along the way. But I learn from them and after 11 years of experience I can feel that I am being a wiser and more matured teacher now.

Sophyta said...

No one is perfect, dear Kaz. As the old adage err is human...but, I strongly believe in putting our heart and soul into our profession.

I'm always at my wit's end whenever being told by innocent little kids that they were 'manhandled' by their so-called teachers.

Teachers don't have to go to great lengths to hurt the tiny tots' feeling... from my years of observation, children love remarks like little stars or grades (A, B, C...) or comments. They were highly devastated to get back works or assignments without any 'comments' or grades!!