Friday, 2 September 2011

Lovely Parents Loving Grandparents ...

My dad and mom are great. They are wonderful and they've always been wonderful.  My beloved parents raise their brood of six with love and care. They instilled a proper sets of values and beliefs in their six children. My parents inculcated within us the concept of worldly attainment and knowledge, and the concept of spiritual knowledge wasn't neglected, either.

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My mom nurtured all her children, the three girls and boys well. She wanted us to know that we are loved. She didn't receive any form of helps from others in raising her brood. She did everything on her own. Cleaning, feeding, cooking and doing loads of laundry are her daily chores. My dad toiled in his farm from dawn to dusk to put food on our plates. Yet, he had never complained. We always received the best. He put all of us through high school and half of his brood  were fortunate to obtain tertiary education.

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Apart from the six of us, my mom also nursed another three of her grandchildren. My two kids were cared for by mom and dad since they were one-month old. They were showered with special treats and lots of loves. Sometimes, I had a feeling that they love my kids more than me.

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They had never missed my children's BIG DAYS! Both grandma and grandpa would make it a point to attend their birthdays, graduations and even their religious camp. Grandma's attendance was never complete without my kids' favourite food. She would religiously prepare rice and other nutritious accompaniments. Tucked away neatly in the 4-tier intricately designed carrier are stir-fried red meat, Thai green curry and fried chicken special.

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What about your parents? Do they adore your kids? Do they have a role in your children's upbringing?

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