Monday, 1 August 2011

Reading Challenge - Tender Triumph (3/52)

Book 3

book cover of 

Tender Triumph 


Judith McNaught

Tender Triumph is the only contemporary novel by Judith Mcnaught that I have ever read. I prefer her historicals  to contemporaries. I picked up this novel due its Spanish-rich contents and picturesque settings of Puerto Rico countryside as I've a passion for all things Spanish and as expected Miss Mcnaught didn't fail me.

Katie Connely might be wealthy. She had rich parents and everything that life could offer. But, her past kept haunting her, holding her back from surrendering her heart to Ramon Galverra, a mysterious gentleman who came to her rescue when she was being harassed by her ex-hubby. The proverb, lightning doesn't strike twice didn't seem to appease the turmoil in her mind.

Katie and Ramon happened to be complete opposites in nearly every imaginable way. Katie was  wealthy, independent, contemporary and also a successful career woman. On the contrary, the Spanish male chauvinist, Ramon Galverra was domineering and deeply traditional. He had nothing to be proud of, except for an old ramshackle truck.

Nonetheless, with his urbane charm and passionate nature, Ramon gave Katie a love she had never known. The irresistible chemistry between them was rushing toward a commitment Katie could hardly deny but barely cope with. Surprisingly, things happened way too fast for Katie. She had to make the toughest decision ever, leaving everything behind and followed him back to his farm in Puerto Rico in a week's time.

Katie was not a perfect character and she almost lost everything due to her fears. However, she is forced to learn that flaws could be overcome. As for Ramon, he was strong, willful, secretive, sexy and kept the romantic tension high. All in all, Tender Triumph is a wonderful novel. Its light, heart-tugging, and passionate romance churned my insides until the climatic finale.


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