Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Reading Challenge - Almost Heaven (4/52)

Book 4

I first read Almost Heaven in 2008, and early this year I read it again for the second time. Most probably I’m the only one who read the same book twice. I’ll tell you the reasons why I reread this  historical romance by Judith Mcnaught.

It made me laugh and cry with the two main characters, Ian and Elizabeth. Ian was not the usual romance hero. Yes, he's arrogant, tough,stubborn, indomitable, ruthless and unable to trust, but he possessed other things that made him stood head and shoulders above other historical romance heroes. He's a genius who could calculate in his head and read a book faster than lightning. He taught the heroine, Elizabeth what love was all about. He loved Elizabeth shamelessly and unconditionally from the very beginning.

Elizabeth, Countess of Havenhurst, was too, a very special heroine. Beautiful, intelligent, proud, stubborn, sweet, free-sprited, optimistic, adventurous and has an extraordinary ability in bargaining. Like the hero, she's strong and possessed qualities that endeared her to me. She's Ian saving grace, and watching Ian falling deeper and deeper in love with her and struggling towards her love and warmth sent chills up my spine.

They fight fate to be together. They had overcome many obstacles that I loved them so much the first time I read their book. I loved them more the second time I read it. Almost Heaven is a book with multi-dimensional plot. I would definitely recommend this to everyone, especially to non-historical romance readers.Treat yourself to Almost Heaven and it's romance at it's absolute best. Judith, thank you for bringing me into the lives of Ian and Elizabeth Thornton.


Amy Sullivan said...

Thanks so much for Sharing Your Story over at my place today!

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Sophyta said...

Thank you Amy. Yes, exactly. You posted my story at 9.24pm (US time) and it's 9.24am, Friday the 5th in Malaysia.

I'm truly blessed to have 'met' you. You are great at initiating opportunities.

Amy, thanks a million!