Sunday, 7 August 2011

Love is Sacrifice (3) ...

This is my third posting on Love is Sacrifice. The first one was posted on May 25, 2011 and the second one was published on May 28, 2011.  Amy shared Love is Sacrifice (2) at her place on August 5 under the title Neither Limits Nor Boundaries and Share Your Storyand it prompted me to write on this topic once again. Thanks a million Amy!

I've been idling for almost two years after graduating from varsity, and sure enough my pursuit of new knowledge seemed to bottom out over time. I might be happy with what I was doing but I wasn't learning much new things. Fear of losing more neurons, I signed up for a masters degree in education in 2009. I strongly believe in those researchers asserting that learning over time enhances memory and the survival of new brain cells.

As usual, my husband was roped in, too. Just exactly like the previous study programme where he'd to chauffeur me around town. As for this time, a greater amount of sacrifice from his part was due.

Since my classes fell on weekdays, I'd to drive to the varsity in the afternoon, immediately after I finished teaching. And, my hubby had to pick me up later in the night as my classes ended at 10 o'clock. In order to do so, he'd to hitch a ride on two rickety buses and board a ferry before reaching the varsity. Once he reached the varsity, he would drove me back as the road leading to our place would be deserted and pitch-dark once the sun set.

To some it might sound like a tall tale, but this was exactly what my hubby had endured for the past two years. The tiresome trips ended in April this year, and I'm graduating soon!

I'll never be able to repay his kindness and always will be indebted to him . Again, my masters degree is HIS!


Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

hi dearie,
long silence from my side.fuhhhhh I really 'salute' him for all he had done for u......not all normal guys would do that,I bet.god bless both of u.

Sophyta said...

Dear Mas,
Yes! It's a real long silence from Let's View My Blog...

I'm sure you've your hand's full with work, study and family...especially in this holy month of Ramadhan.

Glad that you dropped by. Thanks a lot dear.