Sunday, 31 July 2011

Reading Challenge - When Daylight Comes (2/52)

Book 2
When Daylight Comes

When Daylight Comes is a fantastic fiction by Lyn Andrews, published on January 9, 2003 by Headline Book Publishing.
I discovered this book at a second-hand bookstore some where in June when I was in the midst of attending a new curriculum course in Penang. Being  a not-so-patient reader, I scrambled through and completed reading this fiction in less than 48 hours. 

The main character, the young but strong-willed Jessica, fondly known as Jess has captured my interest indefinitely. Adversities spread over her like mold. They struck again and again, and again and again. 

Jess was just 19 years old when her world fell apart. Her father, Martin Brennan who owned a fleet of trading ships, lost at sea when a terrible storm blew the ships off course. Jess' mother, Maddy was in for not one but two shocking news. Aside from losing her hubby, their house was also mortgaged and the family's finances were in a hazardous state. With too many things on her mind, Maddy carelessly stepped in the path of 
runaway horses and lost her life, leaving Jess to fend for herself all alone in the cruel world.

Having stripped of her wealth and properties, Jess struggled to make end meet. She was even reduced to living with only the bare necessities in a shack on a  red light street.
She persevered and managed to pull through it, though.

From near destitution, she launches a business of her own, supplying coloured bird feathers to milliners. Thanks to a guinea given by an old lady who took pity on her in front of a hat shop. She earned back the prosperity and respect her mother had once lost.

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