Monday, 29 August 2011

My Mom is always a Mother...

My mother will always be a mother.

My beloved mom is turning 60 comes November 3, but there is no sign of slowing down. Please don't get me wrong! My mom has never been into hip hop or rock n roll. She's never acted in any movie. She's never set foot in any pubs or bars. My mom is always a mother and wife. She's been a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) for the past 40 years, and she will always be for the rest of her life.

Since the day she "was tied" to my dad, she's never left her job unattended. Now, 40 years after that, she's still toiling in her main office, i.e. her kitchen. Everyone has their off day. Office workers have their weekends free for themselves. Farmers and rubber tappers don't work whenever rain pours. But, not my mom. She has no off-day.  She'll stay in bed for a few hours if her world spins (she's not well and knee osteoarthritis is constantly bothering her). The next moment, you'll see her up and about in the kitchen again.  Wiping, cleaning, rearranging, reheating, chopping, pounding ...the list is endless!

When we were small, she would be up as early as five to prepare us breakfast. Her brood of six had never gone to school with an empty stomach. On a rainy day, where the water was icy cold, she would painstakingly light up the charcoal stove, boiling hot water for our bath. My mom would never let any of her brood attending class without a refreshing bath and nutritious breakfast. I think that's the main reason behind our success story. Though our childhood were not a bed of roses, but mom's love had propelled us through.

To this day, my mom still cooks and prepares meals for us. Whenever her six brood and their spouse plus five grandchildren converge at the little house on the hill, mom would be busier. She would be spearheading the food preparation. The cutting, chopping, slicing and stirring; all of them would be done under mom's watchful eyes. Nothing compares to mom's cooking. Hers is always the best! My children love their grandma's cooked food. They said their grandma made the best stir-fried chicken!

I love you mom!

What about you? Do you still get to enjoy your mom's cooking? Do you reminisce about what she has done for you all these years?

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