Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fresh Friday

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I haven't been up to par since early of the week. And, today is Friday. I'm fresher. My mood has come back. I'd like to try something new. Trying out the thing called Sticky Mode Entry. Don't worry! This test post would be up here till our National Day (Hari Kebangsaan in Malay) only. Yes! You've got it right. This post would be at the top up to August 31, i.e. Malaysia's Independence Day. In other words, this post is a tribute to my beloved nation.

Malaysia gained its independence from Britain in 1957, and we, Malaysians still celebrate the historic event with gusto annually. Each Hari Kebangsaan comes with a logo and theme, usually a slogan geared toward unity as Malaysia has a large mix of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Siamese (Malaysian Thais), and the indigenous ethnic groups of East Malaysia with different cultures and religions.

As for this year, the theme is 1Malaysia, Transformation Success, People Peace.

I love you Malaysia!


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