Monday, 22 August 2011

The Little One in Pink (2) ...

This is my second post on the little ones. However this time, the adorable one is in pink. I'm not sure who bought her the a la mode pink suit as she lives about 600km away. Thus, each time she comes home (to us), she's a new baby. She changed a lot from month to month. She's chubbier!

If you are familiar with my blog, this princess, Amalynn was featured once not long ago in Bundles of Joy. At that time, she was only a three-month old baby. Now, she always wears a sweet smile on her face.

She's struggling to take a few steps as she was held by her beloved mom. But, she always made her mom happy. She posed steadily for the camera. Whoever bumped into her would definitely can't resist the temptation of giving her a cuddle.

Look here! She can even wish you "Gong Xi Gong Xi Nii" (literally - Congratulations!)

She's yawning. Yes! She's tired after a long photography session.... She's signalling to her beaming dad, " Papa, let me change into my favourite pyjamas. I'm sleepy..."

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