Thursday, 18 August 2011

I've Got Email!

At a glance, it's just an ordinary forwarded email.
But, after a closer look, it contains godly messages.
It's from my 'long lost' friend.

I was beginning to lose her in early February.
I didn't get any news from her in May.
I lost her completely in June up to August.
Apparently, a series of misfortunes befell her and her love ones.

And, late yesterday afternoon, I received her email.
It came as a surprise!
I didn't anticipate the email.
The best part of it, she replied my email.

She wrote...
"I am fine...back to school now.
Life is so unpredictable but God is good."
I have my friend back!
At last...


Kaz said...

Good for u Chinda. May the friendship last forever.

Sophyta said...

Thanks Kaz. May ours last forever too..