Monday, 15 August 2011

Reading Challenge - The Doomsday Conspiracy (6/52)

Doomsday Conspiracy.jpg

This book was the first that I bought with my own pay. It was purchased from a small bookstall in Kuala Lumpur sometime back in 1993. At that time, I was attached to a garment company, doing odd job while waiting for a reply from colleges and varsities. I had lots of free time. In addition, I was bored with Barbara Cartland's novels and inasmuch the Mills & Boon's. Yes! I was reading them till I was 20.

I told myself to try out something new. With a lot of resistance, I opened the first page of my first Sidney Sheldon's which was also my first thriller, The Domsday Conspiracy! 

A few days ago, while I was rummaging through my treasure chest, I stumbled upon  the thriller by this Academy Award-winning American writer. It beckoned me to reread it for the second time.

Ok! Ok! That's about all and here is the review...

The first thing that strikes me about this book is the fast paced story line. It is a page-turner and very difficult to keep it down once you start this.

The characterization has been excellent. Commander Bellamy as a person with phases of toughness and helplessness about him dominates the story line. His continuous devotion for Susan and the devotion of Pierre towards him are also portrayed well.

However, the climax is a big let down. When I read it, I was shocked to discover who the bad guy was. I mean graduating from Mills & Boons, I never expected such a climax. But as I read more Sheldons, and of course other authors, I realized that it was a highly predictable person.

And the way the book ends has been even worse. Such an excellent build up sputters out in the sorry climax.


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