Monday, 25 July 2011


Yes! It's Phew! Phew!...and Phew!
I've almost lost my beloved blog.
I've almost deleted my blog.

The problem started when I was fascinated with a blog poll.
I embedded the poll in my recent posting.
Since then, the problem persisted.
My beautiful header and footer were hidden by blocks of brown.
I was in the dark.
I've struggled for the whole afternoon but I failed to untangle the knot.

My dumbest side whispered to me....
"Your blog was hacked! Quick! Do something."
"What shall I do?" I asked.
"Can't you see the Report Abuse button?"
"Oh! Yes! So???"
"Click the button and reported as Spam!"
"Oh! No! It requires a url for the site..."
"Type in"
"'s my blog??? Why should I reported my own blog?"
"Look at the brown blocks on your header and footer. Your blog was spammed. Go ahead. Report it."

And, with one touch, I reported my own blog!

Later of the day, my brighter side ticked me off.
"Why don't you remove the blog poll?"
"Why should I?"
"Your 'headache' appeared after you installed the poll, rite?"
"Yes! Oh! Yes!"

I removed it in a jiffy!
And... Phew!
The nuisance brown blocks disappeared into the thin air!
But, what shall I do now?
I've reported my own blog?
Hopefully the Blogger would read this posting and 'let me off the hook' own dumbest hook!

A lesson learnt ... don't get carried away with new exciting gadgets and widgets.


The Cutest Blog on the Block said...


Hi, It's Ashley from TCBOTB. It looks like you got your blog figured out! Ya. we're gonna have to take that poll off of our blog too as it is creating a bar too! Sorry to make you go through that! Your blog looks great again!


Sophyta said...

Hi Ashley,thank god that I could figure that out. I won't be happy if I've to let go your cute template. I really adore the pink template.