Monday, 25 July 2011

Boys or Girls?

Who do you prefer, boys or girls?

I threw this one million dollar question to a bunch of friends recently.
Below are their responses...

Mother A
I come from a family of six boys. They fought all the time. I imagine that raising a family of girls would be so much easier. It would be all playing with dolls and dressing up. Am I right? 

Mother B
No, you are not. I come from a family of five girls. My poor parents went through all shades of hell when we were younger, either pulling us apart when we were fighting. Yes, you got it right. We did fight! We fought to get into the only tiny bathroom in our house! Girls can be very vicious! When girls fight, they scratch each others' face and there were lots of hair pulling.

Father C
I think it differs from child to child. I have seen the worse in both bad girls and  boys. A mischievous child is just a mischievous child. 

Father D
All children, regardless of their sex, need all our attention when growing up and to tell you the truth, bringing up a child is a full time job and it's not easy.

What about you? 
Do you adore boys?
Do you prefer girls?

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