Friday, 29 July 2011

Kids on the Road ...Literally!

Staring out of my living room window, I saw a bunch of sweat-drenched, barefooted kids aged between two to six, playing wildly on the street. Some kicked a ball, a size bigger than their tiny head, very hard sending the ball across the street. It landed on a resident's car. Some yanked at shrubs and flowering plants across my house. A further observation made me realise that they were on their own. No adults in near visibility, and it's four in the afternoon. The sun was scorching hot and it's burning their oil-dripped wet curly hair.

Motorists and motorcyclists plying the small street had to be on their best alert as to avoid any untoward incident. A short while later, a younger sister cladding in only a piece of diaper, joined her older brothers in the middle of the street. Distant adult voices could be heard,
"Min, watch over your sis! I'm going to take my nap."

Oh! My goodness! The mother entrusted what's supposed to be hers to her 5-year-old. And, the burden of taking care of those tiny innocent creatures was not only placed on the young boy's shoulders, it was on every road users' as well. Those entering or leaving their house along the street have to watch out for the kids too. No one felt good but they were speechless.

The kids might be small-sized but they were headstrong and fearless. They have no worries. They balk at well-wishers' advices. They would stare fearlessly at the ones who reprimanded them. It keeps me wondering about how they were brought up. Didn't their parents tell them the dos and don'ts of life ?
Didn't their parents educate them of what's rights and wrongs? 

I draw the curtains. My attention is drawn upon my two children who have their hands full with assignments and schoolwork. It's soothing!

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