Friday, 17 September 2010

Staying focused ...

     Staying focused is tough, at times. Trying to stay  focused ... for me at the moment ... is like trying to balance three pots on my head! There are too many distractions that come my way.
     I'm sure staying focused is a common problem for most of us, the so-called " techno savvy ". There are so many distractions out here in cyberspace that keep distracting us. The list is endless... sharing on Facebook, writing on friends' wall, commenting others' photos, responding to others' postings, playing online games, browsing others' blogs ...etc.
     Hence,  we can’t focus on getting the important stuff done. We’re so easily distracted from our main goals. Countless plans can be conjured up but how to stay focused on those plans is a great task ...  as eliminating distractions and realising the plans is another challenge.
     That’s it!!  I know, too well,  what the distractions are. I also know how to stop them from distracting me. Unfortunately... I fail to do it (yet... for the time being!)  I have to keep thinking about my ultimate goals. I don't want my life to amount to nothing ...  more than a series of distractions. 
    I'm praying hard... to myself... to prevent the distractions from seeping in! 
Hope the victory is mine! 

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