Friday, 18 March 2011

Seeing the finish line...

It's been months since I last wrote on this blog. It was partly due to work commitment, the demands of study and the worst of all was LAZINESS!

Decided to move the finish line is visible...though not very clear, it's a bit foggy!
I manage to pull through and most of the tasks have been completed on time.

The second draft of my thesis was approved yesterday, and that meant greatly to me!
Now, concentrating on the 'gift-wrapping technique'. Planned to wrap it up nicely and send it off for evaluation. The viva dates given earlier were 26-28 April, but hopefully they would change them as the date coincide with exam dates. What a severe headache I would have!

Whatsoever, life has to move on...
Coming May, everything would be back to normal. No more assignments to be completed, no more tutorials to be attended and no more exams and viva to be worried about! My kids and hubby would be able to enjoy the much-waited home-cook meals once again.

Pray for me that everything would have smooth sailing!
Sadhu (X3)

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