Saturday, 3 December 2016

Day 9/37

It's Day 9. Since my the other half is home today, I've planned lots of things to be done together. Let's have a look at my list ...

1. Weeding - vinca and spider plants, which were among the first flowers and plants planted in Dusita Garden a year ago, are in need of serious weeding.
2. Turmeric - I've tried growing turmeric twice and it failed both times too. Thus, I plan to grow turmeric in pots or in a new bed.
3. Angelonia - my angelonia bushes needs trimming and replanting as I want the plot where the present bushes is, to be covered with angelonia.
4. New flower bed - already built two in the compound and now I want another one along the fence outside
5. Own root roses - I've successfully propagated a few pots of own root roses from cutting and they need bigger pots to perform.

As you can see, my list revolves around my garden, Dusita Vista Garden. Nonetheless, we may make our plans but God has the last word, right? Anyhow, you can always change your plan if you have one, and I happened to have FIVE!

As usual, during this season, rain determines our plan over here. I ditch almost all the planned activities in the list, but one, trimming and transplanting angelonia. Instead of weeding, I clean the drain around my cottage. It takes me hours and the menial task has stiffened my muscles and joints. Having said that, the sight of purple angelonia or summer snapdragons makes my my heart flutter!

Happy Gardening!

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