Thursday, 20 August 2015

September, Your arrival means Workload...

Good day peeps.

I feel blessed to be able to update my beloved Sophyta's Casita though it's only a once a month kind of thing. My excuse - Workload!

Workload is nothing new to us, primary school teachers in Malaysia. Besides our core business, teaching at least six periods a day (the least), teachers become bogged down with loads of clerical tasks and lots more non-teaching jobs.

If  you happened to be singled out by the District (DEO) or State Education Office (SEO), you have to lend them a helping hand. DEO and SEO are not the only divisions and departments that would order teachers to assist them in their work. Examination Syndicate, Curriculum Development Division and Textbook Division are among the departments that would rope in teachers from school to help them. Once you are identified, it means you will always be away from school.

Come 2015, I've been entrusted with a new task - EXAM is the word. In order to equip myself with the new skills, I attended a training for the newbies in August and another official meeting in September. Both meeting lasted a week. It's a totally new experience for me. The new appointment comes with a huge responsibility and a new friendship!


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