Monday, 20 July 2015

Chula ... Day 4

Good day peeps.

This is the last update for the four-day stint at the rain trees university. Since we, Fiona, Zu, Is and I, couldn't have enough of Chula, we revisited the uni early in the morning on the very last day in Bangkok. We decided to scout around the prestigious institution and drink in the serenity of its surrounding, and we did just that!

Walking through the age-old university campus on that cool morning, the grace of the centuries-old buildings in their garden setting provides an apt framework for higher education, even the more prosaic structures have been softened by the lush greenery.

It can be said that the vast campus area is over overgrown with rain trees or จามจุรี in Thai, and these trees have become the symbol of the university.  Generations of students have read and reviewed their lessons under the shade of the leafy gigantic rain trees. I'm very fortunate to have walked under the shade of the gigantic trees and tasted a sip of its greatness.

Day 4
June 25, 2015

The magnificent rain tree.

The irresistible shade.

About the chamchuree  or the rain tree.

With Is and Zu under the shade of rain trees.

The Phramingkhwan Building: Revisited.

This place was abuzz with activity but today it's deserted.

The bust of Queen Mother.

At the Faculty of Education.

Faculty of Law.

The busts of great kings.

Loving the greenery.

The lotus pond.

Chula iHouse, the place I called home.

7-Eleven at Chula iHouse: The great provider.

Bikes among the greenery at Chula iHouse.

The multi-stories Chula iHouse.

Chula iHouse as seen from the university side.

The front view of the grand hostel.

Chula bus service.


Saying goodbye, 
Was the hardest thing to do,
I never thought I would,
Especially not to you.

The hardest part of any relationship,
is when it is time to say goodbye,
even though I wished I could stay forever,
I know I got to spread my wings and fly.

For life is a journey that needs to be traveled
I just want you to know and never forget
that I will surely miss you.
and I know that someday we'll meet again.


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