Tuesday, 24 February 2015

She's contented ...

Day 55/365

Once, there was a teacher. She was posted to a vernacular school. Unfortunately, she didn't speak the language. She knew nought about the medium used at the school. She felt uneasy. She couldn't give her best. In actuality, she was one of the best student from her college. When she was posted to that school, her world changed. She was sidelined. She was downtrodden. She deserved to be heard but she was not. Despite all the odds, she loved her job. She enjoyed teaching. She loved her students and they adored her.

Now, she is well into her 20th year of teaching, and she's still attached to a vernacular school. The situation has not changed much. She is given menial task at school functions, still. She is a small fish at school meetings, still. She felt left out most of the time. Nonetheless, she insists on staying put at the school. She refuses self-advancement. She declines golden opportunities that came knocking on her door. To her, the love of teaching supercedes everything elses!


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