Saturday, 17 January 2015

The result is very significant ...

Day 17/365

Good evening awesome people.

The forlorn-looking picture below depicts the result of studying when you passed 40.

It's no longer the same.

Your eyesight begins to fail you. You're farsighted. You need a pair of good reading glasses. You have to enlarge the computer screen when you work on the 17-inch flat screen.

You have no problems whatsoever with your memory when you did your first degree. You could remember every fact and figure vividly. Every information was at your fingertips. Your presentation was flawless during your masters degree. Words come to you like the Nile which flows tirelessly.

This final degree isn't the same. You're struggling to recall the info. You've to reread almost every article. You fumble for words when you give  talk. How you miss the old you!


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