Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Our Online Collaboration Class ...

Good day people.

How's life? Ours was awesome. Things are picking up. Our online class has reached its peak last Thursday. It wasn't the first. We had had numerous online collaboration lessons but this particular lesson was an exceptional one.

In the previous online collaboration, all of us, my students and I were bundled together in the so-called 'computer lab'. We collaborated online as well as offline. Most of the time, I shouted my heart out and they answered me in unison. 

For the Thursday's lesson, we were 20 kilometres apart. The kids were at the usual place, the tiny computer room while I was  at home. As the kids were struggling to accomplish the given tasks, I suggested and commented on their work. They collaborated with their group members as they raced against time to complete the tasks, and they're coerced to share their bits and pieces with me. We had a great time together. All in all, I could go through 10 assignments of exceptional quality.

I'm contented. We're on the right track. I wasn't only keeping up with the new technologies but I've managed to integrate them productively into my teaching.

The following screenshots are the testimonials of our Online Collaboration Class.


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