Saturday, 31 May 2014

It's been 20 hours ...

Good day beautiful friends.

It's been 20 hours since I deactivated my FB account. And, it's been the most torturing moment of my life. I miss my friends, real and virtual. I think of them all. I long to see their status' updates. I long to know who's doing what. I yearn for the latest events in the virtual world.

When I was about to confirm the deactivation process yesterday, the FB did warn me. The message read: The following people will miss you! But, in actuality, I miss them! They don't even realise that I've already left the FB world. Thus far, only four persons are aware of my new status. 

Deactivating social media account is more a boon than a bane to a working woman cum a student like me. As for the last night itself, I had completed a long standing action research and it's now ready for submission! But, do watch me. I might make a come back if I've become more disciplined and well behaved.



Khalipah Mastura said...

i miss you on fb a lot but I do respect yr determination dear even though I don't really agree with your first perception (but it really depends on individual yea). happy with your achievement thus far and welcome to the world of research.

Sophyta Sengsuwan said...

I miss u too dear sis. see, it's a boon. Now, I have you back on my blog. Thanks for your endless support dear sis.