Friday, 30 May 2014

Farewell FB ...

Good day peeps.

I'm back. I have a very special announcement to make. 

I've deactivated my FB account.

Yes! You heard me right. I've put an end to my 'virtual me'!

I'm doing it for good. I need my real life back. I need to be 'me' again. I've deviated for some time. When I first joined the social media site about five and a half years ago, I was still manageable. I didn't breathe FB. I didn't sleep FB. I didn't dream FB. However, lately my 'virtual self' seems to be wild and dangerous. 

I spent most of my waking hours checking and checking my FB page. I wasted my quality time on FB. I burned all my energy by scrolling and liking friends' status. My wayward soul needs to be curbed.

Thus, today, May 30, 2014, I made up my mind. The FB must be put off! If my teenage daughter could do it, so do I. The FB account that I created on October 26, 2008 has been deactivated. 

I might come back. I might be active again. But, it will take time. I need all those precious time for myself.
Goodbye FB.



Khalipah Mastura said...

ohhhhhh dear, that is so sad to loose a friend on fb but you know yourself better,dear. all the best in the new you.

Sophyta Sengsuwan said... found 'me'! I didn't expect anyone to read this...but..if it's you, my dear sis, i'm ok with it. Thanks sis for understanding me.