Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Diary of a Tree (3)

Hi great people.

I'm back with something very dear to me...our trees. Apart from my love ones, these trees do occupy a special place in my heart.

So, dear friends, let's unwind with some 'nature talks'.

Hi, how are you dear readers?
It's me again...the same young bubbly tree.
I'm now about 27 months old.
As you can see, I'm quite big and tall now.

It looks brownish as the weeds in the plantation area had been sprayed with weed killer.

We're glad as there are no more annoying and irritating weeds and grass around us. At times, the weed killer did suffocate and intoxicate us though.

Despite it has gotten rusty, the gate stood strong and steady guarding us from any intruders.

To my dear readers,
Thank you for reading...and till we meet again...
Sawasdee Khah!

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