Thursday, 30 May 2013

Book Club

Books are my passion.
To read the day away is my form of escapism.
To be part of a book club is my dream.

There has been a proliferation of book clubs (of course in the US and other modern countries, but sadly not in my homeland) in recent years and I for one, yearned to be part of them. But it remains and shall remain a pipe dream. Nevertheless, being able to run a book club for kids could, at least soothe my soul. 

Of course, adult book clubs are usually attended by those who love reading. This doesn't necessarily have to be the case with children. They are still at an age where they can be enthused by reading, provided the book club is fun and well organised.

A good friend of mine noticed that her eleven year-old daughter could read well and loved listening to stories but was less keen on reading to herself. So, with support from some enthusiastic parents, we set up an evening book club for ten capable but reluctant readers. We have our book club at 8.00p.m. on alternate Sundays every month. Undeniably, our book club is the brainchild of Ms Lam, the principal of a reputable kindergarten in my little town. 

Before the first session, we gave each child a short message to explain about the book club. We chose a book, and The Summer of the Swans was our first book club book. We assigned them a few chapters, which were to be read before the meeting. We asked them to think about their favourite characters and some prominent incidences that took place in the story. These were the starting point for discussion in the first session. 

To date, I have led six book club meetings, which lasted for one and a half hour each session. The details of activities in each meeting would be shared in the upcoming post. You have my word for that.

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