Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Today, January 1, 2013.
It's the first day of the year.
It's the first day of work too.

While the rest of the world population are ushering the new year, we, teachers on this side of the world are busy with tasks at hand since today is the first day of school.

Though heaps of workloads are waiting to be cleared, all of us go to school with a happy heart. Everyone knows too well that we have all the support needed from our beloved Boss.

My girl enters secondary school and it means my apron string is severed. I won't be seeing my own flesh and blood at my workplace. No more kid would come to me during break. No more kid would be looking for her mom because of her stomach upset. I feel a keen sense of everything is different now. I feel blessed and terrified.

My teen-age boy would be sitting for the 'biggest' exam in his life this year; the exam that would shape his future. It means more work and of course less play for him. I'm sure he's well aware of this and his dream would be realised.

My one and only new year wish for my love ones - to be freed of any obstacles!

And, to you, my dear readers...Happy New Year...with lots of love and blessing!

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Khalipah Mastura Khalid said...

a nice wrap up hols you got there,eh? happy to see your glowing face once again.any news about GC?

Sophyta said...

hi sis,
good to read your comments again, after a hiatus.
not much hope, sis...but, still keeping my fingers cross. do pray for me as well...
thanks for dropping by.