Thursday, 6 December 2012

Big B...

Watched an eye-opener programme few days back, The River Cottage! There’s nothing new to most of us, but it hit me hard. It’s about the Big B.’s not the legendary Bollywood heartthrob!

It’s BREAKFAST! Yes, you heard me right.

Breakfast to me (on a weekday) is a sip of warm plain water. Breakfast to my two teens is half a mug of warm choc drink. And, breakfast to my the other half is a mugful of oat drink.

In the programme, which featured largely English-style breakfast, the chef encouraged his viewer to “think outside the cereal box”! It’s not only catchy but inviting and challenging at the same time.

Cereal is no doubt the number one food on the breakfast table. Slothful moms would more often than not resort to the magic box, CEREAL when preparing for their kids’ breakfast. I used to be in this dreadful list. Believe it or not, cereal emerged the most popular food in the Brits kids’ breakfast list!

The industrious chef introduced the young school kids a very nutritious and super easy way to prepare food for breakfast. They were none other than pancakes and drop scones.

The show struck my innermost. It reminded me of my long-overdue motherly duty; of how I've shied away from preparing the most important meal of the day for my love ones. I’ve taken things for granted. I assumed that they would be fine of having breakfast at school and workplace; and they confirmed it. They (especially the kids) couldn't stomach any solid food before nine!

It’s never too late to start over, right? I've gathered a few simple yet nutritious recipes for breakfast. Let’s see...mmmm ....

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