Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Small Rewards = Big Change

Kids love rewards. They fight for rewards.
They would do anything to be rewarded.
They would go to great lengths to secure the reward.

Yes, those descriptions befitting my young students.
The eight to twelve-year old kids love rewards.
They are always at their best during my class as they know
pretty well that good behaviour would subsequently lead to
awesome rewards.

They leave me with not much choice...
thus I have to dangle a carrot in front of them!

Those little rewards really make a big change...
and here is the carrot...

The kids were rowdy last year...
but they are no longer boisterous this year.

The children were quite rude last year...
but they are respectful this year.

The little young things were sluggish last year ...
but they are industrious this year.

Many thanks to our mentor for the BIG IDEA!

Sounds familiar? Exactly...it was in the previous entry on kids
and points redemption! You may check it out here.

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