Saturday, 21 April 2012

Good Books

I love books. As I've posted earlier, I'm unstoppable when it comes to reading.
But, mind you, though I read almost any works in print when
I'm in need of a reading fix, I detest poorly written novels.

To say I read a lot is an understatement;
to say I read a lot of well-written materials is sadly untrue.
But I've chucked away quite many novels which I picked up
on a whim at a second-hand book store.

What I loathe about those novels...
* they are lacking of compelling prose
* the characters are dull
* there weren't insights into human behaviours and conditions
* no trace of emotional connections
...and of course
* there wasn't any 'wow' factors

To these great authors who succeeded in hooking me to their books,
I only have praises and compliments for them...
Sir Jeffrey Archer
Madam Judith McNaught
Mr Sydney Sheldon

In my next entry, I'd love to share with you the said good books in my possession.
Till then, happy reading!

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