Friday, 9 December 2011

Toiled and Moiled...(2)

i've just discovered the new way to experience serenity
it's the serenity of life in the field
i bathed in the luxury of life as my new hoe chopped ...
and removed weeds around my vigorous young trees

birds and bees kept me entertained with their endless chirps and hums
butterflies and dragonflies hovered over me ...
clear blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds ... was over my head
soft fertile soil ... was beneath my booted feet

i inhaled the lovely scent of freshly cut grass and weeds
was kissed passionately by the scorching tropical sun
as i removed the weeds from the soil

no explanations

free from children's screams
and... the best of all...
away from the boss' frowns

Toiled and Moiled (1) is here.

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Amy Sullivan said...

Thought about you today, and decided to pop over and tell you!

You've got some good stuff going on here. I especially liked "Diary of a Tree".

Sophyta said...

Thanks Amy! Your visit is a real surprise. You like my diary of a tree...I'm ecstatic!

Never thought of other's visiting my site as I've neglected it for more than a month.

No new entries, a daily visit to mine and yours is a routine, though.

Thank you very much my friend.